About Us

The Streetsboro Community PTA is a group of 400+ volunteers who are part of the largest volunteer child advocacy assocation in the nation, the National PTA. 


As a paid member of the Streetsboro Community PTA, you will also become both an Ohio PTA and National PTA members. You are also eligble to receive discounts and participate in member only benefits. Please visit their websites for information on these memberships.


The SCPTA is constantly working hard to develop a strong and focused community of parents, teachers and local businesses with one common goal; to give the students of Streetsboro the best possible educational experience. 


Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate with the Streetsboro Community PTA. There are a variety of opportunities for people to volunteer, share their expertise and time.


Our Mission

TO SUPPORT and speak on behalf of children and youth in the schools, in the community, and before governmental bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children;


TO ASSIST parents in developing the skills they need to raise and protect their children;


TO ENCOURAGE parent and public involvement in the public schools of this nation



What we have done?

We are so glad you asked!  Please take time to review a list of just a few of our accomplishments:

  • Annual Tailgate Party at the High School
  • Coordination of Room Parents at Streetsboro Elementary and Defer Intermediate School
  • Donation to each grade level each school year
  • Facilitate the Market Day Pie Sale for the 7th/8th gradrs where the funds are used for the 8th grade Washington DC Trip - annually more than $10,000 is raised & donated to decrease the cost to families
  • Annual Staff Membership Drive
  • Box Tops & Campbell's Soup Label contests each grading period - 
  • Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week – Breakfast delivered to all buildings
  • High School Senior PTA Scholarship donation $2,000 annually
  • Volunteers coordinated for onsite and off site field trips
  • Funds donated for onsite and off site field trips
  • Volunteers coordinated for the end of the year events at Streetsboro Elementary and Defer
  • SCPTA Night at Fun N Stuff annually 
  • SCPTA Kalahari Night twice a year (fall & winter)
  • SCPTA President elected to Board of Directors for the Streetsboro Area Chamber of Commerce
  • PTA Representation on the Educational Foundation Board
  • Volunteers Coordinated for Kindergarten Screening
  • Sponsorship of Middle School students for the 8th grade Washington DC Trip
  • Donation of a breakfast for the Freshmen class during Rocket Ready Days
  • Volunteers coordinated for the Book Fairs 
  • Donation of books made to the district libraries
  • Volunteers coordinated to help with Kindergarteners during their lunch the first month
  • Volunteers coordinated to help sell Homecoming & Prom tickets and also assist with all school dances – chaperone & refreshments
  • Dinner provided one night to all buildings during fall conferences

and so much more ...................


We invite you to join us and

share your ideas and energy!


The Children in Streetsboro appreciate

the support and so do we!

Important Dates to Remember

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